Vet fact sheet

Physiotherapy is a science based profession that takes a holistic approach to aid the restoration of movement and function. It is extensively involved after surgery and often proposed as an alternative as a conservative management option.


Animal physiotherapy is only carried out under veterinary referral.


Pre Surgery


  • The physiotherapist can carryout a home support assessment to help owners prepare the home environment and minimise the risk of injury after surgery.
  • Provide conditioning so the animal is physically stronger and better able to cope with surgery.




post operation rehabilitation



Short term aims


  • Limit inflammation and oedema
  • Reduce chance of infection
  • Prevent further injury
  • Minimize scarring and adhesions
  • Limit atrophy




Longer term aims


  • Improve range of movement
  • Increase weight bearing,balance a coordination
  • Increase strength and fitness
  • Slow progress of DJD


Physiotherapy optimises the body's own natural healing processes and provides treatments for a number of problems



Soft tissue

Muscle injury, strain or soreness
Muscle atrophy
Tendons and ligaments
Cruciate ligament injury


Broken down sutures

Neurological conditions

Help to ease pain in arthritic and diseased joints and slow down degeneration

Rehabilitation after surgery or long periods of rest




Increase muscle tone
Increase proprioception
Gait training
Promote quality movement

Assist wound repair, minimise adhesions and scarring
Fight bacterial regeneration
Optimise repair of fractures both normal and non-union

Mobilisation / influence neuromuscular conduction
Improve and maintain range of movement and muscle tone





General maintenance and education


Routine checks for performance animals to aid injury prevention. Workshops for trainers and owners of sports/performance animals.




Treatments can be carried out at the animal's home, their veterinarian's practice or my clinic.





A Referral sheet in pdf download format is provided for your convenience but I am able to accept referral letters or your own forms if this is more convenient.



Veterinary exemption order 1962:


The term 'physiotherapy' refers to non invasive treatments and requires the practitioner to work under the direction of the animal's veterinary surgeon.

Details of conditions of treatment can be found on the
Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons website.