Intermittent lameness and discomfort





“George’s movement improved every week.  After a good massage session he was tired the following day and then seemed to have a lot more energy from the 2nd day. I would say that George’s overall health has improved.  Your ability to realise when George was feeling uncomfortable and act accordingly really made me feel at ease. (probably the same for him).  I truly believe that the treatment he received aided his recovery physically and emotionally.  I cannot thank you enough for first of all spotting the problem and then aiding his recovery.”




Hip dysplasia and arthritis



OWNERS feedback

(after week 4)


“My dog Max suffers from arthritis and hip dysplasia.  I have chosen massage as one of his treatments since he started to get worse.  After the massages I noticed a difference in him.  After a couple of days his mobility increased, he is less stiff and more active on the walks both mentally and physically.  He seems to really enjoy the treatments and after a couple of sessions was really excited to see Merle.  The sessions relax him to the point where he is fast asleep by the end.  Normally he struggles to settle during physiotherapy or veterinary treatments.  I think that Merle is very professional and I am very happy that she will continue working with my dogs.  I believe Max is benefiting a lot from these sessions and this is something I will definitely continue with as one of his treatments”.





 Compensatory muscular problems (influenced aggressive behaviour)



OWNERS  feedback


“Before being treated by you he was becoming increasingly aggressive due to the pain he was suffering in his spine area.  However since his course of treatment he appears to be happier and have increased mobility.   He is also more and more approachable on a day to day basis. I wholeheartedly recommend massage as a treatment.”






OWNERS  feedback


"Molly, greyhound, broke her foot and although healed it had been set bent so she then had to undergo further surgery on her pad to enable her to use the foot.  The result was that she would use her foot on soft ground but was reluctant to use it on hard or uneven ground.  Merle was recommended to me by a local dog trainer and we have been very happy with her work".


"Merle has been sensitive to Molly to gain trust and has focused not only on the foot but other areas of her body which are impacted by not using all 4 legs all of the time.  In addition, Merle has shown me exercises which I can do with Molly at home to support her.   Molly is now gradually using her foot more, although we know that it will be a slow process, it definitely looks like we are going in the right direction and I am happy to recommend Merle to others".   






 Broken Foot with




Diagnosed with Arthritis

at two years old


OWNERS  feedback


"After being diagnosed with arthritis at the age of two we  have been seeing Merle for six years with our labradoodle Ruby. The treatment has without doubt improved her flexibility and strength and enabled her to have a full and active life. She has also incurred several injuries due to her boisterous nature. Each time she has had treatment from Merle post injury the positive results have been seen immediately and the recovery of the injury expedited without the need for medication. I cannot extol the virtues of canine physio enough and the professionalism and knowledge that Merle has is without question exceptional".




Owners Feedback


“I initially took Pebble, my 9½ year old dalmatian, to see Merle when she began showing the first symptoms of, what we now know to be, spinal wear & tear in her lumbar region - her lower back had begun to look stiff, she had occasional lameness of her left hind leg & she no longer wanted to jump in & out of the car.  Pebble can be anxious when handled by strangers so I was unsure how well she would accept treatment – Merle is calm & extremely patient & Pebble has always been a willing patient!

After her first appointment, Pebble appeared more flexible in her lower back area & she’s had no further left hind leg lameness."



"Pebble likes to be active & doesn’t really slow down when her back is sore!  This makes it quite difficult to tell when she is feeling uncomfortable so it’s very reassuring to know that, at our monthly therapy appointments, Merle will alert me to any problem areas & treat them.  I pass on these details to my vet & although Pebble’s back issues will be an ongoing problem, between us we manage the condition so that she is comfortable & can continue to enjoy her busy lifestyle!!!”




Back issue & secondary compensation